Uzmanlık Alanları


Gelişmiş sağlık teknolojileri ile daha hızlı, daha konforlu ve daha başarılı sonuçlar.

Brain Tumors

We can generally divide it into two as the uncontrolled increase of the brain's own cells or the jump from other organs (metastasis).

Spinal Cord Tumors

We can make a general distinction as tumors of the vertebrae (vertebrae) or metastasis and spinal cord tumors.


It is a disease known in society as fluid collection in the brain. Increase in the production of bos, deterioration of absorption or circulation.


In fact, it is a situation where everyone is in the potential patient group. However, since the diagnosis is usually made after bleeding, including myself, he cannot know that he has such a problem.


The spinal cord structure, which is encountered in newborns, is not fully formed as a result of which some nerve tissues are opened to the outside. Neurological disorders are very common in these children.


Epilepsy (sara) is actually a process followed by neurology dr. However, neurosurgical intervention can be performed in drug-resistant patients. A current application is NVS(battery)

Herniated disc

It's a situation that bothers people enough to make life a dungeon sometimes. Being overweight, inactivity, weak back muscles...

Neck hernia

Pain in the arms, weakness, paralysis, numbness occurs with burning. The basic mechanism is the same as the herniated disc.

Spinal Stenosis

With age, the canal in which the spinal cord is located can sometimes narrow as a result of spinal cord bone formation - destruction and degeneration.

Waist Slip

It usually occurs in women with compression of the spinal cord as a result of the spine slipping over the other vertebra for an unknown reason.

Spine Fractures

Spinal fracture, spinal cord injury and vertebral slippage may develop as a result of trauma at all levels of the vertebral segment.


Except for chronic low back pain, there was no person who did not or would not have pain. It is strong and strong because the load of the whole body is transferred.

Brain Battery

A brain battery is surgery to implant a device that sends electrical signals to areas of the brain responsible for body movement.

Endovascular Surgery

The aorta is the main artery that originates from the heart and from which the entire arterial network of the body originates. Aortic aneurysm is the body's largest artery...