Spinal fracture, spinal cord injury and vertebral slippage may develop as a result of trauma at all levels of the vertebral segment. These fractures can develop in patients without serious trauma (spine tumor or osteoporosis - bone loss -). It can occur in the neck (cervical), back (thoracic) and lumbar (lumbar) regions. The case should be evaluated quickly and treatment should be arranged. If the fracture is not advanced and there is no spinal cord compression, the treatment process can be followed with a corset. However, surgery may be required if the fracture size is large or if there is spinal compression or if there is neck-back-waist slippage. Fusion appropriate to the case and, if necessary, reduction of spinal cord pressure - repair should be done. In some fractures - especially those due to tumor or osteoporosis - some form of filling (with balloon remodeling of the spine if necessary) kyphoplasty and vertobroplasty, which are closed methods, should be performed. A SPECIAL PHYSICIAN MUST BE CONSULTED for the diagnosis and correct treatment of the disease.
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