WAIST hernia

It's a situation that bothers people enough to make life a dungeon sometimes. It occurs as a result of being overweight, inactivity, weakness of the lower back muscles, wrong movement and sometimes trauma (impact). The clinic occurs when the nucleus, which is a kind of cartilage that serves as a cushion-support between the vertebrae, presses on the spinal nerve with the rupture of the external structure due to excessive load. Severe leg pain, numbness, burning, weakness, paralysis, urinary incontinence may be symptoms. Although low back pain is seen, herniated disc causes low back pain indirectly. Treatment should be decided by the physician and surgical specialist. Microdiscectomy, epiduroscopy (closed surgery), endoscopic discectomy, intradiscal rf (closed surgery) can be applied according to hernia in surgery. As a general belief, its recurrence is the post-operative process. If adhesions develop in patients with recurrent pain after surgery, this can be corrected with epiduroscopy. A SPECIAL PHYSICIAN MUST BE CONSULTED for the diagnosis and correct treatment of the disease.
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