Spinal Stenosis

With age, the canal in which the spinal cord is located can sometimes narrow as a result of spinal cord bone formation - destruction and degeneration. In fact, at these points of the spine, each of which has two joints, the nerve and spinal cord begin to compress. If the stenosis of the canal exceeds a certain level, the patient begins to develop a clinic. Leg pain, cramps, numbness, burning and shortening of walking distance are the main findings. The need to sit down and calf pain are typical in a patient with spinal stenosis after walking a short distance. The surgical decision should be made by examination and MRI. In the surgery, the posterior elements of the bone structures are removed. Fusion (screw plate) is not required in all spinal stenosis surgeries. If the above-mentioned vertebral joint needs to be removed excessively, fusion should be performed to prevent lumbar slippage after the surgery. A SPECIAL PHYSICIAN MUST BE CONSULTED for the diagnosis and correct treatment of the disease.
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